Friday, December 01, 2006

At the Lanchkhuti Language Competition, hosted by my school. Lots of volunteers came in to act as judges and it was really cool. After the competition there was a concert, and these girls are some of my 8th formers dressed in traditional dance costumes (Nino, Nino, Mary, Mary, and Nata, my host sister.) Nata placed 3rd in her age division I am proud to say. It was a really fun weekend, everyone stayed at my house for the night and I finally got to show off my awesome host family. The general concensus was that I may indeed have the best host family in Peace Corps, and who am I to argue...

This is my first host family on swear-in day. Tamuna, Marika, me, Soso, Baby Seth. Tamuna cried all day which was sweet at first but then kinda ridiculous. I look kinda was really hot in there. Baby Seth hung out at my house all the time so they kinda felt like his host family too.

Soso is still my hero because he destroyed a birzha defending my honor... it's a long story.

My summer camp crew in Lanchkhuti. We had the "English Olympics," and the competition was fierce. Team "Black Roses" and team "Sunrise" competed tirelessly and ruthlessly for 5 days in events such as hangman, draw your alien, football, dodgeball, and pictionary...It was intense, but the Black Roses came out on top. My host sisters are in the picture: Nata is the one in the pink shirt behind me, and Ana is the girl in the red shirt kneeling front row center. The other grown up is my main counterpart and one of few actual Georgian friends, Lela. She's awesome.