Sunday, August 06, 2006

Another pic of the Gudauri mountains, along with some PC gals...Amy, Amy, Ariana, Me, Sarah, and Kate.

These are the most amazing mountains I've ever seen!! This is Gudauri, where we had our supervisors conference. Our hotel was at 2,003 was a pretty nice view to say the least.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

This is one of the cool things we saw in Telavi. It's called a wish tree, and it's where some Georgians go to make "wishes" I suppose to their ancestors. They tear a strip of their clothing, tie it around a branch, and make a wish. It's inside this huge branch, which is inside a huge maze, which is on this property where foreign diplomats stay in Georgia. It's where we saw Shevrenadze's wine collection and the 200 year bottles of wine that I wrote about a few emails back. Pictured above? That's Brandon, Lyssa, Nicholas, and Ryan. Brandon has to go home because of a back injury and it really sucks because the nicest person here, or maybe anywhere for that matter. Big loss to us, big loss to Georgia, he'll be dearly missed.
SVENETI DANCE PARTY!!! My host sibs are dancing fools, as you can see above. What you can't see is that they are dancing to a Georgian rap video. They are a lot like American rap videos (bling, scantilly-clad females, alcohol and speed-boats) but are lacking a bit in quality. This of course means that they are hilarious! That's my living room and the the dancers are, in order: brother Viktor, 9; sister Teona, on her 11th birthday actually; and cousin Keti, 6. Keti lives in T'bilisi but has stayed with us all summer. She looks and acts exactly like Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird.
So, here's a photo that I'm actually in, by popular and some of the summer camp kids at the village church. The kids love to draw, so we bought colored pencils at the bazaar and had "art" day. They drew pictures of the church at first, then just drew pictures of me and my clustermates! The girls gave me a very beautiful and varied wardrobe in their artistic interpretations...including ball gowns and one very Cher-ish 60's outfit.

Sveneti's Kids: last day of summer camp, halleluja...very fun, kids were (mostly) great, but I can only sing the Hokey Pokey for so long.