Thursday, April 24, 2008

I know, i suck at keeping my blog updated. But this time it's partly the fault of my computer for breaking, Georgian winter for being cold and bleak and boring, and my own admitted laziness. BUT, apparently the one thing that can get me to make the effort to write a blog entry is getting engaged! To be married to Ryan B. Nickum, a man most of you only know through his entertaining blog which is much funnier than mine.

The happy couple.

Our talks about the future have become more and more frequent over the past several months, and after finally meeting each other's parents and MOST of our siblings (minus Derek and Jen, but they'll get to meet him soon!), we just couldn't put it off any longer! All of our well-rehearsed talk of waiting until we've spent time together in the states, waiting to be absolutely sure, blah blah blah, suddenly seemed absurd because we've never been more certain about anything.

Ryan and I with my Georgian host parents, Gia and Ia.

So, we decided we'd get engaged Monday night, then on a cross-country bus ride Tuesday decided we'd get engaged REALLY soon, then decided Tuesday afternoon while ordering and picking up take-out Italian food in the capitol that we'd get engaged REALLY, REALLY soon, then told our parents Tuesday night and made it official on Wednesday. Pretty exciting!!!

Ryan is a really cool, fun, considerate, funny guy who I love very much and I know all of you back home will too. We'll be in Texas in August and you'll all get to meet him then. We have no clue about the when's and where's and how's of the wedding, but we'll keep you posted.